Congratulations to joyful_wolf_44463668 for the tenth Ultimate Jackpot on our site!

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We wish you the best of luck in spending your winnings!
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Statistically, we have 17 jackpots a day, which is a whopping 753 jackpots in 45 days! Hurry up and hit the slots and claim one for yourself!

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Every fan of the slot games knows that the most coveted winnings are always the Jackpot! At GoXbet we have a system of progressive jackpots, which you can get even with the smallest wager at any point in the game.

The progressive jackpot is based on the bets placed by all GoXbet casino players, so the jackpot amounts are constantly increasing. However, not everyone knows when the jackpot is most likely to hit, so we will reveal the secret in this article.

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As you may have noticed we have four types of jackpots: Bronze, Silver, Gold and the most desirable - Ultimate. For each of them there is an average limit for the jackpot, which we will show you based on statistical data:


As you can see, the Jackpot can fall out at any time, at any bet, regardless of the combination of spins. Immediately after a Jackpot roll, the Jackpot prize accumulation starts anew from its minimum values (Bronze - 2500, Silver - 5000, Gold - 10000, Ultimate - 300000).

Also note that Jackpots fall in most games, but not all. Look for them in slots from EGT, Novomatic Greentube, 2winpower and Igrosoft, each game that provides jackpot drops displays the corresponding bar with their amounts at the moment.

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The jackpot does not depend on the bet, for example, one of the jackpots of 67000 hryvnia was obtained with a bet of only 1 hryvnia, and this is not an isolated case.

Here's a tip for you: To increase your chances of getting the jackpot, make as many scrolls as possible by playing with a small bet. Especially true if your deposit is small.

Now you know the basic tricks! We hope that each of you can become a Jackpot stealer! We wish you the best of luck! GoXbet Team.

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